Langston University Ethical Issues in Research on Children Psychology Essay


With regard to research ethics when interviewing children, the most common issues raised in the introduction of interviews concern data confidentiality, the purpose of the study and of interviews, as well as the use of audio or video recording of the interviews. Less often, there are references to the voluntary character of the interviews, the right of children not to answer questions if they do not want to and the signing of consent forms. In any case, not all studies treat issues of research ethics in the same way and not all emphasize the same aspects of research ethics.

Using the general guideline, chose two key points from the ethical conduct list, then chose the topic you would like to apply those points to and create a mock podcast transcript. Your audience for the podcast is final year psychology students who will undertake a case study with children under the age of 18.

Some points you may wish to consider in your podcast may be:

  • How do you discuss non-conformity with children and adolescents?
  • What are the ethical issues using under age participants in research when approaching gender development issues?
  • When is parental concern necessary (consider country and the family religious or ethnic background even if it is not in the guidelines) in order to involve children in research?

Your podcast should include the following elements (at a minimum):

  • The topic you would be discussing
  • Introduction (for example, parental attitudes to proposed transgender bathrooms in elementary schools or cultural attitudes to girls boxing team)
  • Case example to illustrate the issues and its ethical challenges
  • Conclusion

Prepare a mock podcast transcript covering the same topics noted above.

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