MFT526 Grand Canyon University National Conference Presentation


You have been asked to present a client family vignette of the seriously mentally ill (SMI) and/or addicted client and her/his family at a national marriage and family counseling conference. For this assignment you will use the client you selected during topic three as well as the resources identified in the annotated bibliography. With the client family information and resources in hand, conduct an assessment of the client family, develop a treatment plan, and plan out at least three sessions using an evidenced-based practice model (you will need enough sessions to map out the beginning, middle, and end of therapy).

Prepare a 15-20-slide presentation about your client and family. Include the following information in your presentation:

  1. An assessment of the client family
  2. The treatment plan and the treatment model used
  3. What research supports the treatment you developed
  4. All pertinent information from the three treatment sessions
  5. All pertinent case information such as the issues and needs of the family
  6. All pertinent information about the clinicians and the clinician practice

Please use a minimum of five scholarly references in theses slides

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