PCN 680 Grand Canyon University Trauma and Trauma Treatment Questions


PART 1: 250-350 words per question. 1 resource per question.


250-350 words per question. 1 resource per question. This needs to be typed in Q&A format, not paper format

1. How does our current media play a role in compassion fatigue? What are
some examples of where the media has created trauma occurrences for
their audience and/or made trauma reactions worse? What are some of the
possible ways of dealing with this yourself and for your clients?

2. What impact does current technology have both on trauma occurrences and on current trauma counseling and where do you think things will go in the future? Look at current research.

3. What role does spiritual belief play in trauma survival? Is it okay to
question if there is a God and why this has happened to a person? What
role does fairness and justice play in questions victims frequently ask?
(CWV Mission Critical Competency)


Directions: Provide short answers of 150-250 words each for the following questions/statements. Do not exceed 250 words for your response for each question. Include at least two to three peer-reviewed journal articles beyond the textbook and course readings in your responses.

1. What are the best practices for trauma treatment (child, adolescent, and adult)?

2. How do they work and what is the estimated duration for treatment?

3. Look at the research and show how effective each therapy modality is. Make sure to include the date from peer-reviewed published articles.

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