PSY 570 SNHU Bonnie Bruised Ethical Decision Making Case Discussion


The case study vignette for this project is:

Bonnie Bruised told her instructor, Professor Disclose, that she feared for her life. Her boyfriend had threatened and beaten her badly, breaking her wrist and is currently stalking her. Professor Disclose advised the student to contact campus security and the counseling center immediately. The student adamantly refused to interact with either resource. Professor Disclose contacted them herself to warn of the potential danger to the student.

Professor Disclose has been put in a difficult position because there is no mandated duty to impose herself into her student’s lie. However, she feels morally obligated to take protective action despite possibly alienating her student by divulging information presumably shared in confidence. Depending on the circumstances (e.g. if the alleged offender is another student), Professor Disclose might have a reporting obligation under Title IX. It may be difficult to rebuild the student-instructor relationship with Ms. Bruised after she learns of the intervention. Under emergency conditions, ethical guidelines are not always helpful. Instructors (and therapists) can minimize greatly the risk of future censure, however, as long as their actions will be viewed as attempts to protect others rather than to exploit or harm them.

I have attached the rubric. Please make sure that the format is followed and that each critical element is addressed.

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