Sensations and Perceptions/States of Consciousness


n this unit, you are examining how you are affected by your
sensations, perceptions, and different states of consciousness. Though
appearing as separate processes, these three concepts are experienced in
a fluid, continuous experience. By breaking them down a little and
examining them further, you can gain more understanding of human
thinking and behavior.

  • Identify which of your senses is the most important to you and why.
  • If you had to give one up, which one would you let go of and why?
  • Describe some things that influence the way you perceive the world around you.
  • When it comes to your different
    states of consciousness, discuss the senses you feel pose a barrier to
    things you want to accomplish in your life. Describe how you can work to
    overcome them based on what you learned in this chapter.


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