SOWK 7338 OLLU WK5 The Humanistic Existential or Spiritual Discussion



To connect a scenario to humanistic, existential, or spirituality perspectives.


Refer ALL of the week’s readings (the Grande novel, Payne, and Jurkowski, Kurlanska, & Ramos) and respond to the following:

Identify the factors that you observed in Juana’s or Adelina’s narratives that you can connect to the humanistic, existential or spirituality perspectives discussed in your readings.

Justify your assertions by citing information from your readings and offer specific examples from the novel to illustrate your position.

Include how this information relates to social work practice with Hispanic and Latino clients.

In your responses to your peers, compare and contrast your peers’ identified factors and justification. Where do you agree? Where do you disagree? Why? Is there another perspective?

Grading Notes:

To receive full credit for the assignment, please refer to all of the assigned sources for this week. This allows you to demonstrate that you have read and understood the assigned readings. Cite all sources, including the Grande novel. Please proofread your posts for spelling, grammar, and APA concerns. Points will be deducted for errors in these areas.

2 peer responds

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