Walden University Qualitative Data Collection Quiz



  1. The volume of data collected in a qualitative study can overwhelm the researcher. What is recommended to maintain control of the data?
    a. Review the emerging results with a panel of experts
    b. Hire a qualitative data analyst
    c. Document personal reactions in a journal
    d. Collect and analyze data simultaneously

14.285 points


  1. How does the researcher make the decision to stop collecting data?
    a. After data collection proposed in the initial research project has been completed
    b. Saturation has been reached
    c. The researcher cannot recruit more participants
    d. When data analysis begins

14.285 points


  1. Assigning some sort of shorthand designation to various aspects of data collected refers to the concept of:
    a. Saturation
    b. Epoche
    c. Theme
    d. Code

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  1. Which is the first qualitative analytic step in qualitative research after documenting your data?
    a. Read the data collected and jot down notes in the margins.
    b. Compare your data collected with the literature on the topic.
    c. Participate in peer debriefing around your reactions to your participants
    d. Create a structure of codes and see how those fit with the data

14.285 points


  1. In response to an interview question on the coming out process for women who had a previous heterosexual relationship, a woman says, “Socially I felt cornered and couldn’t get out because he was my best friend and I really wanted to please my parents. We were married as best friends but that was it.” Which of the following would most likely be a descriptive code you would apply to this portion of the data?
    a. Feeling lonely
    b. Feeling husband’s pressure
    c. Feeling trapped and socially pressured
    d. Describing the coming out process

14.285 points


  1. The researcher generated the codes after examining the data. This coding is called:
    a. Inductive codes
    b. Focused codes
    c. Analytical codes
    d. A priori codes

14.285 points


  1. Which of the following checkmark is NOT typically used for assessing quality in qualitative research?
    a. Does the analysis contain participants’ thick description?
    b. Does the study provide an account of researcher’s decisions throughout the process?
    c. Does the study produce results that can be generalized?
    d. Do results of the study have the potential to be applied to other similar contexts?

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