PSY520 SNHU Final Project Milestone Four: Initial Draft of Methods and Results


This assignment is a continuation of a previous assignment. Attached, is a part of a completed research proposal (methods and results sections). This was written based on the anticipated results before the actual research was done. Now, I have completed the research and this document needs to be updated to reflects the results from the research. Please edit this to reflect the results. Below is the link to the survey I had students take for me to gather my research. I have also attached a PDF showing the correlations of the results that I used SPSS to complete. Please insert these charts in the revised document. Also attached is another report of the survey results to help you make revisions on this assignment. If you have any questions, please ask!


For this assignment, you will submit an initial draft of your Methods and Results sections. Now that you have completed your data collection, it is important to revise your methods section so that it accurately reflects the methods that were actually used in your study.

In your Results section, you should first describe how you reduced your data for analysis (e.g., how your questionnaires were summed or averaged to get a composite score to analyze). Your Results section should also include a table of the relevant descriptive statistics. Last, you will need to describe the statistical test that you chose to run and provide the key results for the test as well as a brief explanation of the results. It is essential that you follow APA style when writing this section. Please refer to Chapters 2 and 5 of your APA manual for further instructions on how best to write a Methods and Results section.

For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Four Guidelines and Rubric document.

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