Vignette II


This assignment should be 5-6 pages total

Pauline and Miriam are a lesbian couple in their mid 20’s. Pauline is Japanese-American and Miriam is from Italian descent. The couple was referred for family therapy by their adoption agency. They are in the process of adopting 2 children, both female. The girls are natural sisters, ages 2 and 4.They were abandoned by their drug addicted, natural mother 8 months ago. The natural father is unknown. As part of the adoption process, they are required to participate in 10 family sessions to assure the health and well being of the children. Both women are well-educated professionals. Pauline complains that Miriam is an indulgent parent, “she buys them whatever they want and can’t say no”. Miriam says that Pauline, “is ridiculous. She expects the girls to be perfect. After all they’ve been through, they deserve to be spoiled”.During the session, you notice the sisters start to scuffle with each other.

1.Utilizing the information on structure and assessment, in consideration of ethical and cultural factors, discuss how you would formulate therapy for this family?

2. Briefly discuss your treatment of this family with regard to each of the following:

Solution-Focused Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Development of Behavior Disorders

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