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In your responses, connect with your peers about similar or different professional aspirations, commonalities in your coursework, and/or experiences working with children. Respond to the response below.

I have my AA Associate degree in Science early childhood education. Currently, I am working in two jobs as a preschool teacher. Currently, I work at Head Start seven hours per day and on the other job; I work as a Coordinator in a preschool program for the first five of California. My future goal is to be able to achieve my desired goal to be able to graduate from Ashford. Since I was a child, I have always wanted to graduate from a university, and I hope in God and with my effort to achieve my goal. I recently separated from the father of my daughters, who has been easy for me, because I am going through a terrible depression, which I hope it goes away soon. By taking this course, I hope to learn about strategies about how children develop cognitive skills. According to the video “Nature vs Nurture” is a scientific debate about how humans evolve and become the person we are.By watching the video, Nurture vs nurture, I realize that I inherited my physical appearance from my mother while my way of being like my father. Nature is an inheritance of the genes of your parents, such as face expressions, personality, even diseases, because my mother has the thyroid illness so I inherited it from my mom. My father is a strong positive and healthy man, which I think I inherited his personality and his positivity from him. Nurture is the way we were raised, where the influences that surround us have a lot to do with the way we behave towards society. I grew up in a place full of rules. My parents always were and are very honest who always taught me to be moral, honest and to respect the people around me.Therefore, I believe nurture and nature are both connected because they both reflect the people we are now. in brief, nurture is how we inherit the genes of our biological parents and nurture is the way we were raised, so the two are a fundamental part of how we develop our cognitive skills.

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