Park University Unit 6 National Science Foundation Grant Quiz


Question 11 pts

What is the National Science Foundation Grant number that funded this project?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 21 pts

How many valid cases were recorded for Within Group Gossip?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 31 pts

If you subtracted the number of participants from Sweden from the number from Canada, what number would you get? AND which country would that represent? (format as #, Country)

Flag this QuestionQuestion 41 pts

What was the percentage of individuals who reported Within Group Gossip?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 51 pts

How many respondents reported receiving a demotion? (report as percentage)

Flag this QuestionQuestion 61 pts

How many separate books were the cases derived from for this research?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 71 pts

What is the percent of male ethnographers? (report as percentage)

Flag this QuestionQuestion 81 pts

What is the second highest most frequent value for De-Briefer? (report as a whole number)

Flag this QuestionQuestion 91 pts

Which US state was the most represented in this set of studies?

Group of answer choices

Flag this QuestionQuestion 101 pts

Which group type downloaded the dataset the most?

Group of answer choices

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