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Module Five Worksheet: Factorial Design

Scenario: A researcher interested in weight control wondered whether normal and overweight individuals differ in their reactions to the availability of food. Thus, normal and overweight participants were told to eat as many peanuts as they desired while working on a questionnaire. Participants filled out the questionnaire once, were given an opportunity to ask additional questions, and then were free to leave. One manipulation was the proximity of the peanut dish (close to or far from the participant); the second manipulation was whether the peanuts were shelled or unshelled. After each participant filled out the questionnaire, the peanut dish was weighed to determine the amount of peanuts consumed.

A narrative format is not required. Your answers should be added directly into this worksheet; you do not need to create a new document.

Question #1: Identify the design—for example, 2 x 2 factorial.

Question #2: Describe the eight conditions.

Question #3: Identify the manipulated variable(s).

Question #4: Is this an IV x PV design? If so, identify the participant variable(s).

Question #5: Is this a repeated measures design? If so, identify the repeated variable(s).

Question #6: Identify the dependent variable(s). 

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