Florida Atlantic University Psychology Applied Ethics Animal Rights Paper


It is also highly recommended that you have read LaFollette’s “Writing a Philosophy Paper” from Ethics in Practice: An Anthology. This paper is worth 10% of your grade in this course and, as a result, will be graded out of 100 pts total. Make sure to follow the following instructions and look at the rubric.


This paper will explain an argument that you have read on your applied ethics topic (animal rights, euthanasia, or global poverty). You will also begin to think of potential objections to this argument. So, in Part 1, explain one of the arguments from the paper you read in 2.2 or 3.2 on your applied ethics topic (animal rights, euthanasia, or global poverty). This will be the same argument that you explained in Applied Discussion 2 or Applied Discussion 3. Then, in Part 2, you will give three potential objections to the argument and explain which objection you think is the best objection to the argument you have chosen (and why). 

Specific Instructions for Structuring the Paper

In your final paper, you will be asked to explain and evaluate an argument. This paper is the beginning of that assignment and will function as a draft for the first part of Paper 3. This paper should be organized according to the rubric below, including an introduction and conclusion, as well as Part I and Part II as follows:

  • Part I – Explain the author’s argument in the article that you’ve chosen. In his/her view, what is the correct position to have on the applied ethics issue you chose? What are the reasons that he/she gives in support of his/her view?
  • Part II – Present potential problems for the author’s position. This will not need to be fully developed. Just give three potential problems with the author’s argument (in complete sentences) as bullet points. Make sure that you briefly explain to them so that I know why this is a problem for the author’s argument. After presenting the potential problems, explain which objection is the best objection to the author’s argument, in your view. Make sure to explain why. 

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