GCU Wk 4 Indulged with Present Work Culture Has Not Changed My Attitude Reflection


200 – 250 words per DQ

DQ1 – Has the experience of working with
your particular agency culture forced you to change any of the
approaches or attitudes you learned at the University? Elaborate.

DQ 2 – Many practicum students and counselors report that
there is a clash between traditional recovery movement cultures such as AA/NA
and the old therapeutic community model. Are evidence-based practices being
pushed by governmental funding agencies? Have you experienced this situation?
If not, what are your thoughts on this topic?

DQ 3 – Have
third-party payer caps on sessions forced a retrenchment into short-term
treatment models at your agency? Elaborate. If not, what are your
thoughts on this topic? – yes, we are expected to either show
medical necessity or enough progress for them to move on out of therapy.
Clients have a 1 -2-year therapy timeline, they are expected to
progress for them to move on out of therapy.

– In 250 words reflect upon the progress made in gaining knowledge,
skills, attitudes, in some of the tasks I carried out, they include.

Group Counseling –

Individual counseling –

Staff Meetings –

In-Service Training –

Treatment Planning and Development –

Progress Note –

Client Preparation –

Requirements: 200 – 250 words per DQ

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