reading response: 2 pg paper


Prepare a written response to three of the following questions. Then reflect upon all the reading during this unit and share something new you learned from your reading. Your two-page response needs to demonstrate your understanding of the chapter concepts. As you construct your answer, consider your area of specialization.

  • 1. On several occasions, Edward is yelled at by his soccer coach. Before long, Edward begins to shake whenever he drives to soccer practice.
    • Explain this situation in terms of classical conditioning, identifying the UCS, UCR, CS, and CR.
    • Edward soon shows signs of fearing other men in addition to his soccer coach, even though they have never yelled at him. Identify and describe the classical conditioning process that accounts for Edward’s fear of men.
    • Explain how you might eliminate Edward’s fear of men through a process of counterconditioning.
  • 2. Shelby rarely interacts with her peers. She is obviously quite lonely but apparently has no confidence in her ability to make friends. Using a behaviorist perspective, describe how you might help Shelby develop social skills through shaping. In your discussion, be sure to include:
    • The specific behavior(s) you would shape
    • A specific reinforcer you might use, and why you make the choice you do
    • The sequence of steps you might take as you shape the desired behavior
  • 3. Describe the three components of traditional behavioral objectives. Write a behavioral objective that includes all three of these components, and identify each component within the objective you have written.
  • 4 Stacey dislikes physical education class because her classmates tease her about her lack of strength and coordination. One day Stacey unintentionally hits one of her classmates, and the teacher sends her to the principal’s office for the remainder of the class time. Stacey becomes increasingly aggressive in class and so spends more and more time in the principal’s office. Use one or more concepts and/or principles from behaviorism to explain why Stacey has become more (rather than less) aggressive.


Consider grades 4-8
Please use APA 6th Edition
text: Ormrod, J. E. (2016). Human learning. (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

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