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Respond by discussing whether you agree or disagree with the test they recommended. Justify your point of view by providing at least two reasons for why you agree or disagree. Also, include examples of how they could increase the validity or reliability of the test they chose. 5 sentences or more.

1. Summarize your understanding of reliability and validity, including how they are related.

Reliability is the first quality indicator in an assessment and means that the assessment delivers consistent results each time it is used (Howard & Aiken, 2015). For example, when you hired as an employee, you clock into work on time every day, work well with your peers, and show great customer service. If you continue to show this type of behavior, the manager see you as a reliable employee. Validity indicates that the assessment measures what it intends to measure (Howard & Aiken, 2015). For example, if you were testing a child for number recognition, you would not give them a motor skill assessment or if an assessment was given for social skills, but gave results on IQ levels then it is validity. There is a relationship between validity and reliability in terms of assessment quality. That is, an assessment may be reliable without being valid (Howard & Aiken, 2015). In order for an assessment to valid, it first has to be reliable. For example, if you use a food scale to weigh chicken breast, you may weigh chicken every time at two pounds. You may then go to a friend house and weigh the same two pieces of chicken but the results are different, that mean the either the chicken breast or the friend’s food scale exhibits validity.

2. Explain the importance of reliability and validity in assessment.

In order for a test to be valid, it must be reliable because a test cannot measure an intended behavior well if it does not also measure the behavior dependably (Howard & Aiken, 2015).

3. Analyze the following situation:

In this situation, I would choose Test B. 1. I would choose this test because with no information about its reliability, it is impossible to complete a test. 2. Although there is no information about validity, the test can be repeated because it includes strong reliability. 3. An assessment may be reliable without being valid (Howard & Aiken, 2015).


Howard, V. F., & Aiken, E. (2015). Assessing learning and development in young children. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education

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