Capella University Supervision Contract and Plan Discussion


As you are now aware, having a system in place for approaching supervision is important to ensure effective supervision is being delivered. Please review Dr. Bailey’s Supervision Flowchart [PDF], which outlines an ethical approach to providing supervision.


Imagine you are about to start supervising an individual who is enrolled in applied behavior analysis coursework for their experience hours. For this assignment, design a supervision plan that contains the following:

  • Design a contract that may be used at the onset of this supervision process. Be sure to include in your contract all the essential elements of a good supervisory contract, such as, fees, frequency and duration of supervision, types of supervision activities, et cetera.
  • In addition to the contract, provide a summary that explains the important elements of this contract, and explain why these were included.
  • Provide a list of all of the items that should be addressed in each of the first two supervision meetings, and explain why each area is an important topic to cover in each of these meetings.
  • Relate the supervision plan you outlined here to your own experience with supervision toward your applied behavior analysis experience hours or another similar experience. Describe pitfalls from previous supervision experiences and how your supervision plan would avoid those pitfalls.
  • Discuss the process you outlined and how it aligns with the ethical code and promotes compassionate practices. Refer to the Capella Compassion Code [PDF] for more information.

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