CNL 515 ATSU The Skilled Helper A Problem MGT and Opportunity Development Discussion


Topic 3 DQ 2 (Obj. 3.2) CNL-515 DQ 3,2

What is the difference between confrontation and a gentle challenge? Read and complete the “Challenging Practice Session.” Apply appropriate evidence-based strategies and skills to demonstrate a client centered approach. Describe the skills you demonstrated and why. What did you discover during the practice session? What did you learn about yourself as a new counselor to be? If using a volunteer, be sure you obtain a verbal consent from the volunteer. Include at least one scholarly reference in your response.

This discussion question is informed by the following CACREP Standards:

2.F.5.g. Essential interviewing, counseling, and case conceptualization skills.

2.F.5.j. Evidence-based counseling strategies and techniques for prevention and intervention.

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