?Comprehensive Examination Overview


Comprehensive Examination Overview

This assignment will familiarize you with the forensic psychology comprehensive examination that you will be scheduled to take soon. Check with your academic advisor for the dates your exam will be offered. The examination is based upon the program objectives, which form the backbone of the forensic psychology curriculum.

In a minimum of 300–400 words, respond to the following:

  • If you are scheduled to take the exam during this term, you will review the course Comprehensive Examination Course (another course that you should be attached to in eCollege). Please be sure to read all the announcements and review all the attachments. Pay particular attention to the Comprehensive Examination Guide and Comprehensive Examination Grading Rubric sections.
  • Watch the comprehensive examination review workshop (the link is provided below).
  • Compose a list of three open-ended questions that you want to ask about the comprehensive examination.
  • Add a reference citation for one scholarly source that you believe will be helpful in answering the comprehensive examination questions. Provide a clear rationale for how this reference will be helpful in preparing for and answering the comprehensive examination question.

Click here to view a video on how to prepare for the comprehensive examination.

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