Grand Canyon University Week 2 Model of Supervision Discussion


200 – 250 words per DQ

DQ 1 – What model of supervision is used at your site?
Describe the model and your feelings about its effectiveness.

DQ 2 – Have you found yourself having felt of inadequacy or defensiveness during supervision? – No

How have you dealt with these instances? How has your site supervisor helped or counseled you in these instances?

DQ 3 – How have the licensed professionals at your site responded to your presence there? – very nice and helpful.

Have they been helpful? – Yes

Journal – In 250 words reflect upon the progress made in gaining knowledge, skills, attitudes, in some of the tasks I carried out, they include.

  • Group Counseling –
  • Staff Meetings –
  • In-Service Training –
  • Treatment Planning and Development –
  • Progress Notes –
  • Client Preparation –

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