Pace Connecting to Your Area of Psychology Organizational Psychology HW



Write a paper (500?1,000 words) in  which you identify one major problem/concern associated with your  specific psychology program emphasis and the related history and systems  that guide the exploration of that problem. Include the following in  your paper:

A single sentence identifying your study emphasis  in psychology (Cognition and Instruction; Industrial/Organizational  Psychology; Performance Psychology; or Integrating Technology, Learning,  and Psychology).

An overview of one key problem your study  emphasis attempts to address. Where did the problem originate? What do  we need to know to adequately address the problem?

An  identification of the systems that govern the exploration of that key  problem. How can researchers investigate the problem to find solutions?

  1. This assignment requires that at least two additional scholarly research  sources related to this topic, and at least one in?text citation from  each source be included.

Organizational  PsychologyFILLER TEXT

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