PSYC 3540 Capella University Theories of Race and Ethnicity Worksheet


Before completing the worksheet, watch either of the following two videos:

  • Frontline (Producer). (1985). A class divided [Video].
    • This video discusses the famous Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise
      developed by schoolteacher Jane Elliot in the aftermath of the Martin
      Luther King Jr. assassination in 1968.
  • Morris, S. (Producer). (2013). White like me: Race, racism & white privilege in America [Video].
    • This video features Tim Wise, an acclaimed author and
      anti-racist educator who presents a riveting talk on how race, racism,
      and white privilege continues to shape the landscape of U.S. society.

You can review the Theories Application Worksheet [DOCX], which you’ll need to complete for this assessment.

You can review Riverbend City: Theories Application Practice. Your
answers in the media piece will help you with this assessment.


Use the Theories Application Worksheet [DOCX] to complete the following:

  • Summarize the concept or theory
  • Apply the theory and research to real life.
  • Describe the elements of the video that relate to theory and research.
  • Apply the theory and research to the video you chose.

Submission Requirements

Submit the completed worksheet as your deliverable for the assessment.

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