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1.  Suppose you are interested in the behaviors of
college professors that have high ratings of student satisfaction. The research
goal is to identify the teaching behaviors of these successful professors so
that these behaviors can be built into the curricula of doctoral leadership
programs. The sample for this study will consist of 10 randomly selected
professors who received high end-of-course survey scores. You want to use a
case study design that requires at least two sources of data. What data
collection instruments will be the most appropriate to address this topic? Why?

300  words
must use 2 scholarly articles and synthesize all quotes.

2.  It is not unusual for researchers to use a
convenience sample for their study. Consider a study in which the researcher
would like to determine how parents working with their children on homework
influence the child’s school grades. The researcher may consider recruiting
friends and relatives to participate in your study because it will be easier to
obtain their permission for data collection. What might be some of the
limitations of this sampling approach? What are some potential ethical
implications to using a convenience sample?

300 words must use 2 scholarly articles and synthesize all quotes. 

Must answer both questions 

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