SPSY 201S Southern University at Shreveport Mental Health Discussion


SUSLA – 2021 Spring Off-campus (SUSLA) – General Psychology (SPSY-201S-405)

Written Assignment: Mental Health

Instructions: Watch the following Tedx Talk, featuring college student Jack Park. In this talk, Park shares his story of living with a mental disorder and revisits some of the ways he found help and hope. He makes the case for seeing mental illness in a new light, so that people can begin to address some of the issues associated with suicide, depression, and other preventable mental disorders.

Writing Assignment: Write a short response to address the following questions:

  • What do you think of Jack’s practice of changing his “to-do” lists into “want-to-do” lists? What does he hope to gain from this shift?
  • Which coping mechanisms does Jack observe his fellow students using to deal with stress and mental health challenges? What does Jack think is the deeper problem?
  • Why, in Jack’s view, is it hard for people to get help for mental health problems in the same way they might seek help for dental problems?
  • Add your own thoughts about the obstacles you think students may face in getting help for mental health issues.

Be sure to include a title page with your Title, Name, and Class Date/Time (APA FORMAT IS NOT REQUIRED).

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