Startford University Cross Culture Diversity Research Paper


(1)TASK 2

Write a 2-3 page (double-spaced) research paper about the food culture. Structure your paper using the below guideline:

  • INTRODUCTION (1 paragraph): Include a thesis statement where you define your food culture and explain what makes it important to American culture. Include a picture of the food you ate!
  • BODY (3 paragraphs): Write one paragraph describing the food culture (the actual food products as well as the beliefs and practices surrounding their consumption); one paragraph explaining the history of the food culture; and one paragraph explaining its impact on the broader American culture.
  • CONCLUSION (1 paragraph): Restate your thesis. Explain why thinking about food cultures helps us understand and value diversity.
  • Discussion 2
  • “Cultural differences cause problems. It is better for people to stay in their own countries rather than to migrate to other ones.” Do you agree? Please write a meaningful answer (three or more paragraphs) that fully addresses the question above.
  • . Please reply to 2 of my classmates below. First Classmate write up to be replied to: Umu Kamara Yes, I do believe that cultural differences cause problems, but I disagree that it is better for people to stay in their own countries rather than migrate to other ones. When I was in my country, Sierra Leone, I used to think that what I learned, the rules, norms, values, beliefs, behaviors, and even the English language – Sierra Leone was British colonized, so we speak the English language that we were taught from kindergarten – was the best. Then, the opportunity to travel to the United States arose and I travelled. I had a cultural shock as the culture of the United State was vastly different from mine as a foreigner and it took me a long time to adjust and adapt to this culture. Travelling is the best teacher and educator that helps and lets us really adjust, adapt and adopt when it comes to other people’s cultures. According to the lesson on culture, I learned the culture of the United States, its values and beliefs, and even participated in some. The only thing is that I was born into a family with a Muslim background, and I do not participate in Halloween because, in Sierra Leone, we regard the costumes worn as witchcraft and as a Muslim I followed the beliefs and values of my culture. I have always thought that my culture was the best and I was proven wrong after I traveled to a few countries, then I learned to appreciate their cultures. I learned something new all the time and I learned to mingle and choose the best from the cultures I have lived in and accepted them.As Mr. Pelligrino said in the TedTalk video, our behaviors, like our non-verbal body language, mostly gives us away and people only see what they want to see and not what we want them to see especially if we come from a different culture. There are always biases and prejudices about other cultures and we always tend to believe what other people tell us. Therefore, if we want to achieve success in cross-culture we have to ignore our assumptions as well as the assumptions of others. We should be curious, ask questions so we can learn more, and be willing to accept other people’s cultures if we want them to accept ours.
  • .CLASSMATE 2 to be replied to Amarachi Ugah :One living in their own country is considered a better option compared to migrating due to cultural differences. Culture cannot be improved through migrating, otherwise, it will cause problems because one will have to change their way of living to cope with the new culture. The change may not be easy since one needs to stop some critical aspects and follow others, leading to an uncomfortable life. Different people feed on diverse types of foods that cannot be provided by others. Some others may find feeding on some kinds of meals as illegal or evil and cannot allow happening in their culture. People ought to live in their own country to reduce conflicts among different cultures. Conflicts come up when diverse cultures have different perspectives and ideas concerning essential issues to be solved.People have to change their careers when they migrate because their job in other countries may vary in salary and how it is operated. For instance, some jobs are done explicitly by men in one country, which might not be the case in other states. People in different countries use diverse languages to communicate. A problem is created when one migrates knowing only their language hence becoming challenging to communicate after migration. Individuals find it hard to cope with a new environment after relocation because the surroundings are different and might be hostile. Harsh environments can be due to the new society that might not understand one’s way of living. The color of people from different cultures can also cause problems since it can lead to racism where white people see themselves being so important than black. The value of gender equality is viewed differently in diverse cultures. For instance, some cultures value the male gender compared to females for different reasons, which is not the case in other countries

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