Critical Evaluation of the NOHSE Guidelines


M4 Assignment – Critical Evaluation of the NOHSE Guidelines The NOHSE.docx

A woman's hand holding a pen and writing on a document.This written assignment will be sharedwith the whole class in the peer review discussion forum. You will be able to access the forum once you have submitted both written assignments for this module.

Carefully read the NOHSE guideline statements for human service practitioners in the Kenyon (1999) text (p. 10-12 and 60-77).

  1. Identify at least three that you find problematic or troubling.
  2. Put each of these problematic statements into your own words.
  3. Explain why each may be problematic or confusing for you in terms of personal values, the ethical framework you created in the last module, implied contradictions with other statements, and/or in terms of ethical dilemmas that you feel you might encounter.
  4. How would you resolve these problems or contradictions?

Create your statements and your explanation of each, complete with suggestions for problem resolution, and submit them in an organized manner, below. Once you’ve submitted your assignment, proceed to the discussion area and post a summary of your ideas. 

Note: This should be 1-2 pages long and in APA style.

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