American University of Health Sciences Love language Essay & Beauty Opinion PPT


1. In this week’s Task you will explore interpersonal behavior.

Read in your textbook “Attachment Through the Life Course”



Find a Love Language quiz online and take it to determine what your love language is. Please note that Chapman’s is an excellent version.

Write a reflective essay in APA format discussing the following:

It is said that parents or primary caregivers teach us how to love and how to be loved. What kind of relationship did you have with your parents or primary caregivers when you were young? Do you think that had any bearing on the way you related to others (e.g., friends, relationship partners) as you grew older? Is your love language a reflection of how you were raised? Why or why not?

2. In this week’s Lesson you will further explore interpersonal behavior.

Read “Attraction and Beauty” by Robert G. Franklin and Leslie Zebrowitz

Read “Love, Friendship, and Social Support” by Debi Brannan and Cynthia D. Mohr, from the text Together: The Science of Social Psychology.

Review the PowerPoint posted here and in the Important Documents section titled Lesson 4 on Interpersonal Attraction, Close Relationships, and Love

Watch the video by Anjan Chatterjee “How your brain decides what is beautiful”

Think about this question – what is beauty? Brainstorm on your own or with others to create a list of what comprises physical beauty. Think about how beauty and attractiveness might be tied to health.

Using your insight from Activity 4, consider what men might look for in their mates. Then, give equal consideration to what women might look for in mates.

Create a PowerPoint slide (or two) that compares and contrasts the different opinion of beauty, and the differences between what men and women look for in mates.

Your slides should include attractiveness as well as other qualities and an explanation of why there are differences and similarities in what men and women look for regarding romantic partners.

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