CNL 527 Grand Canyon University Nicotine Education Dialogue


Option 1: Video Message

Create a 3-5-minute public service video message against the use of nicotine. Include the following in the PSA:

  • A description of the adverse effects of nicotine on the body.
  • At least one available resource for persons wanting to quit smoking.

Option 2: Script

Create a 3-5-minute script that outlines a therapy session between a therapist and one of the following options:

  • Directly with an adult client.
  • Directly with a teenage client and their parent.

Imagine that the client has begun smoking or vaping and is in need of education regarding nicotine and the impact of nicotine on the brain and body. Be sure that your script outlines the two-way dialogue of a therapy session that indicates a dynamic conversation between the therapist and client. 

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