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Choose the correct answer

. 1.From the research works of Violanti and Marshall in 1980’s, they identified four transitory stages that a criminal justice employee (police) will go through in the course of his career. The four stages are alarm, personalization, introspection and……………………. a. Disenchantment b. Gratification c. Enchantment d. Edification

2. There are three major steps to have a successful performance based management system for a criminal justice organization. These are : 1.Define the organizational mission and the strategic performance objectives. 2. Establish an integrated performance system. 3. Establish accountability for performance. a. True b. False

3. The Transportation Workplace enchantment Act of 2009 was intended to a. Give public safety unions more power to organize through “card check” b. Give the Transportation Security Administration authority to unionize c. Give Amtrak Train Systems personnel the authority to unionize d. Give the Airlines Pilots Association the renewal to carry firearms while flying

4.The decision making process consists of four specific steps. These are. 1. Translate goals into objectives, and then translate objectives into payoffs and utility. 2.choose among alternatives. 3. select the alternative whose consequences have the greatest utility. 4……………………………. a. consider the consequences b. consider the final results c. consider the organizational needs d. consider the spillover effect

5. Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee all have an overweight and obesity rate at 65% or higher. a. True b. False

6. charisma is defined as the personal magic which arouses special loyalty, enthusiasm and respect for a beloved leader. Which of the following power’s would charisma be placed? a. coercive power b. legitimate power c. referent power d. expert power

7. communication serves 4 very important functions in criminal justice organization. Those 4 functions are emotion function, motivational function, informational function and……………… function. a. directing b. control. c. crisis d. reactive.

8.. One of the key items with which you will need to be familiar in your administrative future are the five types of power within any human resource organization, but more so in the criminal justice world as it is and of itself about the power of the state and your role within it. These will be use for your benefit and yet they may be used against you so it is important that you know and recognize their importance and usability. List the five types of power and define each one. Then explain how and under what circumstances each one can be used.

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