PSYC 355 Liberty University Two Factor ANOVA for Independent Measures Problems


SPSS Homework 4 Assignment Instructions


This assignment is designed to increase your statistical literacy and proficiency in conducting and interpreting the two-way independent-measures ANOVA. You will be completing two 2-way ANOVA’s in SPSS, using data that are related to specific research scenarios in the behavioral sciences, such as psychology, social work, and counseling. Behind the scenes knowledge of how this test is conducted is fundamental to being able to understand and apply research in your related field to your practice. Additionally, SPSS skills are professionally valuable, as it is one of the most commonly used statistical software packages in behavioral science settings, both academic and professional.


  • This assignment includes two problem sets that contain research scenarios and related questions.
  • For each scenario, you will run an analysis in SPSS. The required product will include the SPSS output, an APA-style Results section describing the results, and the appropriate graph inserted as a Figure in APA style.
  • For all problems, interpret results based on an alpha level of a = .05.
  • This assignment is worth 60 points.

Please review the SPSS Homework Tutorial in this module for directions on how to run the statistical test, as well as the Results Sections in APA Style presentation, which includes a template for completing the APA-style Results sections for the two-way independent-measures ANOVA. The scenarios begin on the next page.

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