PSY 230 Howard University Attachment Observation Interview Reflection and Summary


Module 04: Assignment 1- Attachment Observation


After completing this assignment you will be able to articulate the different attachment styles in psychology and understand how they can be observed in real life situations.


Click here to download the attachment worksheet Download Click here to download the attachment worksheetand save it as a .doc or .docx file.  Answer each question using your textbook, Launchpad materials, and resources in this module.  

If direct quotes are used, even from the textbook, quotations marks and proper citations in APA format are needed to avoid plagiarism.

To submit your work: Click the Submit Assignment button (top right of screen). Submit the worksheet as an attachment (do not type into the text box).


This assignment will encourage you to explore adolescence from a cultural and historical perspective.  It will enable you to gather data like a developmental psychologist.  It will deepen your critical thinking skills.


Part 1:

To learn about the lives of adolescents in previous decades, interview two people– someone who is 40-50 years old and someone who is 70-90+ years old.  In your interviews, find out how their experiences of adolescence were different from the experiences of today’s adolescent.   Following is a list of some questions — however, feel free to add in some of your own!

  • Did you attend high school?  Did you want to?  What kinds of subjects did you study?  What kind of homework did you have?
  • What was your cultural background?  What were the traditions that your family celebrated?  How did your cultural background influence you?
  • What was your family life like during your teenage years?  What were the expectations for teenagers with their relationships with their family (e.g., mother, father, siblings, grandparents)?
  • Did you work as an adolescent?  If yes, where did you work?  How many hours a week?  Did you contribute to the family income?  Did you want to work?
  • What kind of clothes did you wear?  What were the “in” styles at that time?  Were you concerned about fashion?
  • Who were your friends?  How did you and your friends spend your free time?  What were the popular teen “hangouts?”  Were you allowed to date?  What were romantic relationships like?
  • What were the problems you confronted as a teenager?
  • What do you think are the critical issues that distinguish teenagers today from teens during your time?  What do you think of today’s teens?

Make sure to keep notes of all interviews (these are called transcripts) as you will submit them as attachments to your assignment. 

Part 2:

Now that you have all of your “data” in hand, you will write a summary of your findings and a reflection paper.  In your paper:

  • try to paint an accurate and vivid picture of what adolescence was like for each of your interviewees so that the reader has a clear understanding.  It’s a good idea to include direct quotes from the interviewees as appropriate. 
  • compare and contrast the differences between the adolescent experiences
  • discuss how the interviewees’ adolescence was different from your own
  • connect and relate your interview findings to material from Chapters 8 & 9 such as information on reasoning, risk-taking, or moral values, ; in particular, mention at least two specific ideas, theories, research findings, or concepts from Chapter 9 that you can relate to your findings, but feel free to bring in more from the book if you’d like.

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