Counselor Supervision


  • Review the following:

    • “Best Practices in Clinical Supervision,” from Association for Counselor Education and Supervision.
    • Section F, “Supervision, Training, and Teaching,” from “ACA Code of Ethics.”
    • Ethical standards related to supervision found within other ethical standards for your program or specialization (for example, Section VII, “Supervision and Consultation” from The Association for Addiction Professionals’ “Code of Ethics,” and Section F, “Responsibilities to the Profession” from American School Counselor Association’s “Ethical Standards for School Counselors.”

  • Review the Clinical Supervision Model Agreement in Appendix G (pages 441–442) of yourEthical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Counseling text. What questions would you have for your supervisor about any of the items included, if you were the supervisee receiving this agreement at your fieldwork site? How important would it be for you to have this type of agreement in place with your supervisor? Is there anything else you might add that is specific to your own specialization or potential site?
  • Describe the responsibilities of the supervisee and the supervisor.
  • State whether you think this type of a document is relevant for your setting, if you are a school counseling learner. Why, or why not?

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