Effective Crisis Helper and cant see a client


Characteristics of Effective Crisis Helpers

Chapter 1 of your text describes the characteristics of effective crisis workers. Include what you have learned there, along with culturally effective helping in Chapter 2, to identify the characteristics of effective crisis workers across a broad spectrum. Discuss how these characteristics influence the helper’s approach to counseling the client and include specific action strategies. Finally, reflect on your own multicultural competence and discuss how you will apply the concepts presented in this unit to your own professional growth as a counselor in training.

Discussion 2

When You Cannot See Your Client

Resources Discussion Participation Scoring Guide ACA Ethics and Professional Standards

Crisis counseling via the telephone is one way counselors can help to prevent more serious outcomes, such as completed suicide. Some counselors may also encourage clients to stay in touch with them during difficult times via the phone or email. It can be challenging to assess the seriousness of imminent danger and provide the most effective interventions when we are not face to face with a client. Use the link in Resources to apply ACA Ethical Standards and Legal Codes to crisis counseling that occurs via telephone or Internet. From a multicultural perspective, discuss the potential benefits and disadvantages that telephone and online crisis counseling present.

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