Major Assignment2:Part 2


To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Complete the coding for your first Scholars of Change video. You began coding this video in Week 5. Be sure to incorporate feedback and ideas from the Week 5 Discussion 1.
  • Complete the coding for your second Scholars of Change video. You will use the same process as the first Scholars of Change video you coded. Be sure to incorporate feedback and ideas from this week’s Discussion 2.
  • Consider your role as a qualitative researcher and begin writing Part 2 of this Major Assignment.

Part 2: Role of the Researcher

  • Review your analytic memos, field notes, etc., written during each aspect of the data collection process, and examine your role and experience and how that is shaping your experience (reflexivity).
  • Describe the roles you are portraying in this research effort (i.e., a graduate student, classmate, interviewer, etc.).
  • Identify any ethical issues that could or did arise during the data collection processes (i.e., these could include doing a study within one’s own work environment, conflict of interest, or power differentials).

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