Explain the personality of a fictional character using two personality theories.


IV. The Final Paper

  1. Your topic: You are to select a fictional character from a television show, movie, book, etc. or a real life individual and explain the individual’s “personality” using two (2) contrasting personality theories discussed. Choose two of the following. (Albert Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory, Eysenck’s Theory, Erik Erikson’s Theory, psychoanalytic theory including the id, ego, superego)
  1. Please submit your proposed topic in advance of the due date, if possible, as it is common to have a back and forth dialogue before approval is given.
  1. Your final paper should be 15 pages, not including the cover page, abstract, text, and references.
  1. Your final paper must follow APA style format (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association).
  1. A satisfactory research paper must be submitted to the instructor by the seventh day of the Tenth (10th) Week of the quarter to receive a passing grade for the quarter.
  1. Final Papers must be submitted by the end of the tenth (10th) week of the quarter.

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