Walden University Structured Approaches,Benefits and Limitations Discussion


Structured teaching, including TEACCH, has been used for numerous years in the United States and internationally. While research has been conducted on the efficacy of this intervention strategy, most of the success of the program is largely due to the preparation of those implementing it. As with other interventions, TEACCH and other structured teaching methods have benefits and limitations with which you should be familiar.

In this Discussion, you will analyze TEACCH and other structured approaches to teaching and share them with your Instructor and colleagues.

  • Review the Learning Resources and consider the benefits and limitations of structured approach interventions, i.e., TEACCH.
  • Review the interactive media in the Learning Resources, “TEACCH Program.” 

Post an explanation of the benefits and limitations of structured approaches (i.e., TEACCH), and further describe behaviors for which structured approach interventions are most appropriate. Support your explanation with the resources and an article you found in your search.

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