CNL 515 Implementation of Action Plans Discussion Questions


Topic 7 DQ 1 (Obj. 7.1, 7.2, and 7.4) CNL-515 DQ 1

Describe at least three barriers that might interfere with client implementation of the action plans that are created. Include at least one institutional and/or social barrier. Outline a counselor intervention that would help to overcome each barrier. Identify any advocacy strategies which may be necessary to address the institutional and/or social barriers. What community resources may be helpful for clients as they engage in action planning? What can you do as a counselor to help clients develop the support that they need to continue the progress they have made in therapy, once therapy has completed? Why may community resources be important for this transition and long-term success? Include at least one scholarly reference in your response.

This discussion question is informed by the following CACREP Standards:

2.F.1.e. Advocacy processes needed to address institutional and social barriers that impede access, equity, and success for clients.

2.F.5.k. Strategies to promote client understanding of and access to a variety of community-based resources.

5.C.3.e. Strategies to advocate for persons with mental health issues.


Egan, G. & Reese, R. (2019). The skilled helper: A problem management and opportunity development approach to helping (11th ed.). Brooks Cole Publisher. ISBN-13: 9781305865716

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