Bryant & Stratton College HCPCS II Coding Scenarios Worksheet


  • Directions
    Coders review patient records, identify what information they need to abstract from the documentation, and then assign the correct code(s) to that information. This is a critical skill that you need to develop before you begin working as a medical coder. As you have learned from your other coding classes, practice is key to mastering coding. This assignment focuses on mastering HCPCS II codes. This assignment asks you to review scenarios and assign the correct HCPCS II codes using the Nuance encoder.Select the assignment document below to view more detailed instructions to complete this assignment. Refer to the rubric at the end of the document to see how your work will be graded. This assignment is worth 10% of your overall grade. Select the assignment title to submit your completed assignment. HCPCS Coding Scenarios.docx HCPCS Coding Scenarios.docx – Alternative FormatsWeek 7 Essential Question: HCPCS Level II Codes
  • Developed by CMS, Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) is also referred to as National Codes. They were designed to report physician and nonphysician services such as drugs, chiropractic services, dental services, durable medical equipment, and other selected procedures that are not described in
  • CPT.Review the video: “HCPCS Codes”.
  • EQ: Describe how HCPCS codes differ from CPT codes.

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