PSYC 6800 Walden University Employee Satisfaction at Work Research Paper


  • Results (2–4 paragraphs) (include any figures you feel are necessary to support your results)
    • Provide a summary of your findings.
  • Discussion (4–6 paragraphs)
    • Explain whether your findings answered your research question.
    • Describe whether you can draw causal conclusions based on the data and explain why (or why not).
    • Explain any limitations that can limit the reliability or generalizability of your findings (i.e., sample size, sampling strategy, ethical issues, threats to internal and/or external validity, or any other flaws).
    • Discuss the implications of your findings regarding how they might effect positive social change.
    • Based on your findings, what might be the possibilities for future research regarding your research question and topics?

    I started the assignment just need help with the method, results and discussion part. 100 participants took the survey 60 women and 40 men. Results can be made up numbers. This is quantitative research

  • Topic is Employee Satisfaction at work
  • Terms to use sample size, limitations, correlation, statistics

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