Psychology: 4 questions on developmental asynchrony


There is a phenomenon known as “developmental asynchrony” (coined by Brenda Finucane), in which a person’s social and emotional maturation is less than their chronological development. Now, we aren’t talking about your friend or family member, who acts several years (or decades!) younger than they are, and make poor life choices! We are talking about when an individual who is in their adulthood processes their experiences, and has the self-regulation capacity of a child. Based on what we have seen, heard, and read, what do you think the implications are for this population? In specific, I’d like you to think about special considerations such as death notification, attending a funeral, and grief therapy.

First, review the slides Grief and DD power point (attached below) and this chapter: SKM_554e_5116080910180.pdf (attached below as well). Also review: Death conceptualization.pdf (attached below as well).

Second, in the chapter “SKM_554e_5116080910180.pdf” please scroll down to page 163 and answer the 3 questions asked under “Question for Reflection.”

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