PYSCH 101 CCC The Big Five Personality Test & the Myers Briggs Type Test Essay


STEP 1: Assess.

Take at least two of the personality tests mentioned in this module:

Step 2: Analyze Your Results.

Compare and contrast the two assessments you completed. Discuss the results with at least one other person who knows you (preferably someone who knows you well) and decide if you believe the results accurately describe who you are.

Step 3. Write and Reflect.

Write a 3-5 page summary of the results of the personality test and discuss whether or not you agree with them. Be sure to address the following in your paper:

  • The two assessments you selected and why
  • The results from each of the assessments
  • Your analysis of the results and whether you believe the two tests (or personality assessments in general) to be accurate
  • The connection between the two assessments and personality theories as discussed in the text
  • The pros and cons of personality assessment and whether they are overall advantageous

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