understanding racial and ethnic group experiences in the U.S.


Write a 5 page, double-spaced essay (1,500 words) on of the following topic:

* This is the pages in the book Race, Class and gender by Margaret andersen & patricia collins 9th ed pages 22-33 a differernt mirror_20151009123331.pdf 

  • Referring to Takaki, discuss the importance of a historical context in understanding racial and ethnic group experiences in the U.S. Through independent research, provide a detailed historical analysis one such racial or ethnic group experience.

This essay should be organized according to your own understanding of the material, with specific references to the assigned readings. You may cite references in parentheses in your text, using only the author’s last name and page number. Please be sure that your essay has your name at the top, followed by the topic you’ve chosen, and a bibliography at the end.

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