Grand Canyon University on Mental Counseling Reflection Paper


  • What is the most significant information you learned about the skills required to be an effective counselor? Were there any skills that surprised you as you worked through the course?
  • What are your strengths as a potential counselor? These could be attending or communication skills, attitudes or behaviors that will be an asset in the counseling role. Reflect on skills and dispositions.
  • What skills and dispositions do you think will be most difficult for you? What might be your handicaps as a counselor?
  • What are some specific actions you will take to prepare yourself for your future practicum and internship experience? Discuss the role of supervision to support effective and ethical counselor development during practicum, internship and professional practice.
  • Review your text and study materials regarding consultant-counselor. Explain the role of consultant-counselor. When may you seek consultation as a professional counselor/school counselor? Do you see yourself acting in this role? Why or why not?

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