Human Services worker case, answer questions


Read the following case vignette:

Tameka is a 45-year-old divorced mother whose two children are now older, married, and living in another state. Tameka has worked two jobs for years while she put her two daughters through a private high school in her community. Both daughters were good students and took advantage of Tameka’s guidance and assistance as she mentored them into early adulthood. They love their mother and were grateful for her ability to help them select colleges and later employment opportunities. The oldest daughter is now married. She is working for a large cable company and has recently been promoted to a position in North Carolina, nine hours from her mother’s home. The youngest daughter was married last month and has moved to Colorado with her new husband. For the first time in 24 years, Tameka finds herself alone at home. She is not sure what to do with herself. She has decided to come to the women’s transitional center in her community. She has heard good things about what they do and hopes she will learn about some service that will give her life more meaning.

Use the attached document to answer questions about this case.

APA Style

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