PCN 682 GCU Profession of Domestic Violence Treatment or Prevention Essay


Interview a professional who works within the profession of domestic
violence treatment or prevention. The interview can be conducted in a
variety of methods such as via a phone call or in-person. This could be
someone such as a family therapist, shelter worker, trauma specialist,
police officer, social worker, emergency room staff, first responder, or
911 operator. For interviewee ideas outside of these categories, please
obtain instructor approval.

During the interview, be sure to inquire about the following as applicable:


  1. The interviewee’s role in the field of domestic violence.
  2. The interviewee’s understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence.
  3. The number of domestic violence survivors the interviewee has worked with.
  4. The interviewee’s approach to safety planning.
  5. How well the interviewee feels he or she understands the reactions of children who have been traumatized by domestic violence.
  6. What the interviewee believes are the current best practices in his or her profession.
  7. What the interviewee feels are the characteristics that make up a successful domestic violence prevention/treatment program.
  8. Any professional reflection upon his or her experiences in the field.

American Psychological Association (APA) ethical guidelines indicate
that interviewees have the right to refuse to answer any question posed
to them by an interviewer. Please ensure that your interviewees are
aware of this, and do not force them to answer where the opportunity to
reply has been refused.

Summarize your findings and insights
gained from the interviewee’s responses in a 500-750 word interview
summary. Be sure to include your perception and experience with
interviewing the professional.

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