Empathy, Probing, and Summarizing, psychology homework help


Write a 750-1,000-word paper outlining the importance of empathy,
probing, and summarizing in the counseling process. Include the
following in your paper:

  1. The role of empathy in the counseling relationship
  2. Techniques for establishing empathy with a client. Provide at least one example to illustrate these techniques.
  3. The role of probing and summarizing in the counseling relationship
  4. How the counselor knows that his/her responses effectively address
    the client’s message. Provide at least one example to illustrate your
  5. Verbal and nonverbal cues indicating that the counselor is not effectively connecting with the client 

Include at least three scholarly references in your paper, include

Egan, G. (2014). The Skilled Helper, 10th Edition.
Belmont: Brooks/Cole, Cenage Learning.

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