PSY 1012 Keiser Career Greenacres Week 3 Social Changes in Life Span Development Question


Over the past three weeks, you have been exposed to many concepts, theories, and terms related to psychology. Now is the time to make personal application to the concepts. This personal application of concepts learned is one of the things that makes psychology such an interesting area of study. Not all courses of study have such a direct application to our own lives. You will select “Social Changes In Life-Span Development” and make personal application of this to your own life. You will read and research at least three scholarly sources from the Keiser Online Library and then identify, discuss, and place this concept in proper context in your own life. After you have identified this concept, you will then explain ways this concept can be applied to your own life with examples. I hope you enjoy your research and this personal application.

Identify at least six (6) social changes that have affected your life (ie: the way you dress, the words you use, where you live, your choice of work, your choice of school, the foods you lilke, the music you listen to, the friends you have or had, your social media preferences, etc., and then in your paper, include a section heading for each social change individually and write about how those social changes in life-span development have specifically affected your life, making sure to support each one with citations and references from your scholarly sources. Utilize the final paper example listed below to ensure that your sections are set up correctly.

PSY1012 Week 3 Final Paper EXAMPLE.docx PSY1012 Week 3 Final Paper EXAMPLE.docx – Alternative Formats

You are required to write at least 800 words in a Word document. This paper is worth 20% of your grade. Please use the APA format, cite and list at least four (4) sources from the Keiser Online Library. There is an APA paper example listed below. To submit your paper, click on the Applying Psychology to My Life Paper link under Week 3. Then click on the View/Complete link at the bottom of the page. Then attach your paper. Follow the directions below for a step-by-step process.

Assignment Requirements (Use as a checklist):

  • Use an APA Approved Font
  • Title page in APA 7th edition
  • Double-spaced paper
  • Minimum of 800 words. No more than 1,300 words
  • Minimum of four (4) cited sources from the Keiser Online Library
  • Reference page in APA 7th edition
  • Use APA format and citations (see below)
  • Do not use direct quotes, everything must be written completely in your own words, paraphrasing and citing.
  • Has an introduction and a conclusion section

Helpful Tips

  • Always use spell and grammar check
  • Make sure you indented the paragraphs
  • Balance – Each paragraph should be similar in length
  • Review the APA video and resource in Getting Started, APA Videos
  • You can send your paper to the Keiser OWL (Online Writing Lab) for review and to ask for help (instructions are in Getting Started, Online Writing Lab).
  • Use Purdue Online Writing Lab, to assist you in references and intext citations:

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