PSYC 355 Liberty University Church Attendance Lab Project Phase 3 Report


Lab Project Phase 3 – Analysis Instructions

PURPOSE:The purpose of this assignment is to choose the correct statistical analysis and graph for your lab project data and complete this analysis using SPSS.

SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE:As a result of completing this assignment, you will be able to:

  • Select the appropriate statistical test to analyze and interpret psychological data in a specific research context.
  • Use SPSS statistical software to analyze survey response data.
  • Present your data in a visual format in APA style.

TASK:Choose the statistical analysis that best addresses the lab project research question and fits the lab project data in your SPSS data file. The correct test is one that you have learned within the first five weeks of the course. There is a “right” answer, so look carefully at the wording of the research question. Complete the analysis and turn in a Word document that contains: a title page in current APA style, your rationale for using this analysis with support from course materials, the SPSS output, the appropriate graph, and an APA-style Reference page. You will be graded on how completely you address the following:

  • Your title page must be in current APA style
  • Your submission must be double-spaced
  • In 3-5 sentences, state which analysis you are using and provide a rationale as to why this is the correct analysis to use for the Lab Project.
  • Provide at least one source from the course (text and/or presentations) to support your rationale. Use current APA formatting for your in-text citation(s).
  • Paste the SPSS output of your analysis. The analysis should include only the variables relevant to the research question.
  • Paste the appropriate graph as a Figure in current APA style, again including only the variables relevant to the research question.
  • Your Reference page must be in current APA style and include any sources cited in your rationale.

CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS: Please carefully review the Lab Phase 3 Rubric. Also, remember that asking questions contributes to learning and success, so please contact your instructor should you have any questions related to the assignment.

Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 6.

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