Last Assignment Unit 8


1st_assignment .docx

2nd_assignment .docx

4 pages without the reference pager or introduction page, its the same patient…  the should be the same as the one you used on the 2nd assignment. 

In your last Assignment, you are going to visit Chester and his family one last time. Thus far you have considered your assessment, his treatment team, and the specific initial interventions that you might use as an ABA professional assigned to treat Chester. In this Assignment you will write your actual treatment plans!

Consider the home/community and school environments. Construct interventions for target behaviors exhibited by Chester that would impact his functionality in the home/community and school environments.

  • Write 2 intervention plans, one for each environment. 
  • Provide the specific steps to your interventions, written in language that the parents and educational professionals can easily understand.
  • Discuss how you will collect data and how you will use that data to determine when to adjust your interventions.
    • who will collect the data? and talk about the different data collection such as: frequency or duration of the behaviors, the severity, etc. 
  • Discuss your hypothesized outcome for each intervention, using scholarly resources to back up your prediction.

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