PCN 682 GCU Violence in Families Relationship with Family Members Essay


250-350 words each question, minimum 1 resources each question. Does NOT have to be in paper format, Q&A format is fine.

1. Why do families become violent? According to our text, what factors contribute to interpersonal family violence?

2. Explain the difference between interpersonal family violence prevention
strategies and interpersonal family violence intervention strategies.
Provide one example of each in your response

3. Do you feel that corporal punishment is effective? Why or why not? Cite
at least one scholarly resource that supports you viewpoint.

4. Why is child neglect often considered by experts to be historically underrepresented in studies by research on child abuse?

5. Identify the signs and symptoms of a typical child sexual abuse victim.
Be sure to include physical and behavioral red flags. What are the
potential long-term consequences and effects of child sexual abuse for
the child victim?

6. What is sibling abuse? What differentiates it from non-abusive sibling interactions?


Barnett, O. W., Miller-Perrin, C. L., & Perrin, R. D. (2010). Family violence across the lifespan: An introduction (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. ISBN-13: 9781412981781

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